Anti-Aging Skin Care 101

Many external factors take their toll on the skin as we age. Anti-aging skincare routines can slow the damage and keep your skin looking and feeling young for longer. 

Best Anti-Aging Skin Care

Changing your skincare habits and products will help keep your skin young. Not all of them need expensive products or complicated routines. 

Avoid long hot baths and showers. The hot water dries and irritates the skin and its worse during cold, dry weather. Use a lukewarm temperature and keep time in the shower down to 5 minutes. 

Replace your soaps with gentle brands which don’t have added fragrances. Moisturize as soon as you are finished toweling. The skin will still be damp, and a good moisturizer will lock that moisture into your skin.

Older skin is more fragile. Avoid using adhesive bandages as these may irritate or tear the skin. Use non-stick pads designed for sensitive skin. 


Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

The best time to start an anti-aging skincare routine is right now. You are never too young to start slowing down the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. 

Use cleanser morning and night. Only use a gentle cleanser that won’t strip your skin of moisture.


Anti-Aging Morning Routine

If you are prone to oily skin and acne, use toner straight after cleansing to exfoliate and tone the skin. 

After toning, a serum can provide nourishment for your skin. Use a serum which contains vitamin C, which is an antioxidant which can protect your skin from sun damage. 

Apply a facial oil before you moisturize to keep your skin elastic, firm, and hydrated all day. 

A moisturizer with antioxidants and probiotics will slow down the appearance of wrinkles. 

Finally, apply sunscreen to help protect the collagen in your skin from sun damage. Don't use chemical sunscreens, such as ones which contain oxybenzone. 


Anti-Aging Night Routine

A night mask once a week will hydrate and promote collagen production. Products which contain retinol are important for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 


Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care Products for Aging Skin

We all want to age gracefully, which is why there are a lot of anti-aging products on the market. You should do your research before choosing anti-aging skincare products. 

Tretinoin is a topical cream for treating acne. It may reduce the severity and appearance of pimples and help skin heal faster. It’s a retinoid which improves skin growth.

The body creates CoQ10 naturally, which acts as an antioxidant to protect cells from damage. CoQ10 production drops as we age and supplementing it may slow signs of aging.  

Niacinimide is Vitamin B3 and can boost your skin's immunity, increase the production of ceramide, and even out skin tone. 


How do I Get Rid of Lines and Wrinkles?

Protecting the skin around the eyes will slow signs of aging. The skin around the eyes is 40% thinner and shows signs of aging faster than the rest of the face. It’s essential to pay attention to this area when applying moisturizer.

Create a regular routine to nourish and moisturize the skin and apply sunscreen to slow age-related damage to the skin.  

Don't be fooled by the hype around anti-aging skincare products. Do your research to find out what works and check with your dermatologist for expert advice.