about dioka

Beauty Essentials for All.

“I was tired of looking for products that were minimally packaged, affordable, vegan, truly cruelty-free, and effective for everyone in my family….so I made my own.”

 Ashli Norton, Founder

I was tired of scrolling Instagram seeing the same ‘ole millennial pink product shelfies in everyone’s feed.

Those products didn’t seem made for the lazy, young-at-heart, but “older-in-skin” beauty that I am.

I wanted products I could share with my other half. And I didn’t want to pay 20% more for an identical beauty fave of mine that just slapped on a dark label, “masculine” scent, and “for men” label to litter our bathroom.

I wanted a few simple but effective unisex beauty essentials. Something everyone in my family could share that wasn’t littered with “masculine” or “feminine” fragrances. I wanted products that were truly cruelty-free, vegan, minimally packaged and didn’t only focus on the concerns of 20 year old females with perfect skin…so that’s what I made.

Dioka makes products for all the other simple beauties of the world. Our products are made for the 19 to 74 year olds of all genders that just want healthy skin and hair products that work.